Why we are not just another freight dispatching company

Our company funder, Alvin Lee, started out his career in the trucking business as a company driver, he spent the first few years in C.R. England and Knight After been through and overcome almost all possible challenging situations a trucker might have encountered, include safe backing into the trickiest dock and avoiding jackknifing on I-80 blizzards, then he decided to buy his own truck and be his own boss.

The Lee family wasn't going to contribute to the outrageous real estate price hike in Southern California, so they choose to relocate to Atlanta GA area, and that move gave them the opportunity to gain the time zone advantage, as you know the saying "early bird catches the worm!" Although not the fact all the time, but it's usually much easier to book a good load before 12:00PM EST, it is the ability of getting better than average load for carriers that helped Alvin started Omni 33.

Everyone in Omni 33 has adopted from Alvin's experiences and value in trucking business as our own, we believe the only acceptable meaning of any win-win situation is ensuring you and us are happy about every load we book, that result should be based on the load distance, route, weight, rate, schedules and equipment requirement you've requested.

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